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We recently did a board-and-train program with Will at Local Pack and it was LIFE CHANGING! I absolutely 100% recommend Local Pack for all of your dog training needs, especially the board-and-train.

About Our Dog:

Our dog Snufkin is a rescue beagle. He is about 4, and we adopted him 2 years ago. When we first adopted him he had so much separation anxiety — he tore apart his crate, was terrible on his leash, had so much anxiety that he had repeated vet visits for gastric distress. We eventually got into a tolerable rhythm because he has such a wonderful and loving soul, but weren’t able to bring him many places with us because he would get anxious and nauseous in the car, and wouldn’t be able to sit still without constantly whining at work.

We love snufkin and wanted him to be able to come with us at our dog-friendly work places, and to take him on vacations around new england in the car and using his kennel at night. We found Will on yelp and he graciously offered to come to our home for a free consultation.

About the process:

the consultation was about 2 hours. Will talked us through his methods/tools/philosophy, and observed snufkin in our home and on a walk. What I instantly appreciated about Will is his attention to Snufkin’s specific needs. He worked with snufkin for awhile in the demo and we were able to see his dedication, patience, and commitment to have snufkin succeed.

After the consult will explained that he thought snufkin would need 1-2 weeks of boarding to begin to unlearn bad behaviors and learn new ones. He reinforced how this would be a team effort and that we would need to commit to continuing practicing afterwards for at least 6 months.

During snufkin’s stay he led a structured life 24/7 — it’s like zen camp for dogs! He practiced structured walks, relaxing in ‘place’ for multiple hours at a time (to prep for what he would need to do at work), learning to love his kennel as a safe quiet space, and learning to control his emotions. IN 2 WEEKS MY DOG LEARNED HOW TO CONTROL HIS OWN EMOTIONS!!! I feel like I need a board-and-train for my own life :)

We visited Snufkin twice during his training to learn and practice the training methods ourselves. Each visit was about 2 hours long — plenty of time to gain comfort in the methods. Will even offered a 3rd week for free to continue working with snufkin’s car issues, demonstrating true commitment to snufkin’s wellbeing.

The results?
Both my husband and I have brought snufkin to work and all of our colleagues have remarked how well behaved, kind, and welcome he is. I work in a chaotic and crowded open-office, and snufkin is able to relax in his bed calmly and enjoy life and being with me. It is so life changing! Snufkin can go on off-leash walks, and people come up to me on the street and comment how well-trained he is. I also feel well prepared to continue his training myself and develop new routines that don’t add stress or large amounts of time to my day. He is also doing much better in the car! He is able to lay down and rest and not get sick or excessively slobber (which is what he used to do).

It still takes work and there are times when we struggle — the great thing is that Will is available by email or text to help troubleshoot issues and help us work through them. He also offers a total of 6 in-person hours after the training is complete to help us with anything we need.

What I love about Will as a dog trainer:

He is compassionate about dogs and not at all judgemental about humans. He has years of experience training dogs of all types, and does so with confidence and the dog’s best interest at heart. He is truly the dog whisperer of the Boston area!

This was the best money I have spent in a long time — if you are hesitating about doing a board-and-train or about going with Local Pack, I 100% urge you to do it!
— Kristin Ouellette
2 week Board and Train Dog Training


Board and Train | Dog Training


Will from The Local Pack took great care of Duncan. He was very easy to coordinate with and was responsive throughout, even sent lots of pictures. Will Boarded our pup and even took it upon himself to train him. We were shocked with the results and we are extremely appreciative of Will’s generosity. Originally we were just looking for a boarding location for our Duncan, while we went out of town but we got way more than what we paid for. Thank you Local Pack!!
— Alex R.

Will from The Local Pack is very responsive , always willing to answer any questions i had. It was the first time we left our puppy alone for a whole week. After meeting him during a meet and greet with zoey i felt at ease to have him watch zoey for a week. He was in contact with me while i was away and sent some cute pictures of our puppy. They were very flexible with pick ups and drops off . I would definitely have them watch zoey next time we go out of town.
— Ashley W.
Board and Train | Dog Training


Board and Train | Dog Training


Will is so nice and awesome. Soda really learned a lot during her stay. It is incredible how Soda’s behavior has changed in just 1 week time. Will not only accomplished everything that we asked of him for her behavior issues but he also taught her to pee and poo on command and he has taught her may new useful things. We highly recommend The Local Pack Dog Training!
— Luyi Y.

We were a little apprehensive, as our rescue dog is very timid and nervous. For years, Hudson has been on many medication to help with his fears and anxiety and in just 3 weeks Will was able to change Hudson’s life around. Hudson is no longer on any medications for anxiety issues. He is a completely different dog. Will took fantastic care of him. From the four daily walks to the (unrequested) regular brushing, and the extra training hours, Will was deeply attuned to our dogs’ needs throughout his training. We look forward to working with The Local Pack again.
— Michael L.
Board and Train | Dog Training