What Is Dog Psychology?

Every species, has their own psychology. Humans have their own psychology, ants have their psychology, giraffes have their own psychology, and so do dogs. Dogs are very simple. Animals are very simple, but we make it complicated for them by not understanding who they are, what they need, their language, and how they formulate behaviors. 

Dogs Live In The Present Moment

Animals (Dogs) don't live in the future, nor the past. Humans are the only species that live in the past or the future. This is why our pets develop issues. Either we live in the future or the past but we struggle to live in the present moment. Dogs and any other species live in the moment, all the time. Some humans who experience a traumatic moment in their lives (a near death experience for example) may then start to live in the present moment. From that point on the water is beautiful, the food is beautiful, the sky is beautiful, their wife is beautiful, life is beautiful, everything is beautiful. This is because that individual then starts to live in the moment and appreciate the present. 

One thing we should all learn from dogs is to live in the moment. So when, someone comes to me with an aggressive dog that has attacked a human or maybe bitten another dog, I don't see him as that "aggressive dog." I don't see him as that behavior that he performed in the past. I see him as a dog that needs some sort of help. I don't see him as what he did yesterday. 

This is why dogs can be very distracted and have little to no focus. The present realm of our world is constantly changing and being influenced. Since dogs constantly live in the present and no place else then they are reacting to all of the present changes and influences such as the environment, people, animals, sounds, food, etc. So when it comes to dog training, what is our goal? 

Because we know that our dogs have terrible focus, we have to help them navigate this busy life. Everything that your dog reacts to in their environment 24/7 can seriously stress them out. As a dog training it is my job to teach all of my dogs one thing. That one thing is focus. When you can teach a dog to ignore all of the present distractions and influences around them and solely focus on you, then you will have yourself a massively obedient dog. 

It's also important that as a trainer/dog owner, we live in the present. We can not teach our dogs if we are not present in the moment. If we are stressed over something that happened days ago, or worried about the future, our dogs can feel that. Dogs don't communicate by using language. They communicate with constant energy. Everything is energy. People, objects, environments, atoms, air, everything. Our dogs can sense a tremendous amount of energy. That is why we must be living in the present at all times when training our dogs.