How To Teach Your Dog To Bark and Stop Barking!

How does one get there dog to stop barking? It's actually quite simple actually. You teach them when to bark and when not to bark.

Today we will be focusing on teaching our dog one new command. That command is "speak," or whatever word you would like to use to teach your dog. Remember to have an amazing currency to motivate your dog, something that they really love like maybe chicken, a treat, or a toy that your dog is absolutely obsessed with. The key here is that your dog has to absolutely love whatever you're using to motivate them.

Now let's get down to business. The first thing you want to do is give yourself a small piece of the treat, or show him the toy that your have in your hand and get him excited. Just let your dog know you have something of great value to them in your possession.

Next, you're going to have to essentially tease your dog with this extremely motivating treat. Ask your dog to sit and hold the treat out in front of him, near his nose but do not give it to him. This is where your dog will do everything that he possibly knows in order to get you to surrender the treat. Your dog might, lay down, give paw, roll over, play dead, and do everything that they know usually gives them treats. Your dog is acting this way, trying to figure out what it is that you want them to do. Simply ignore all of these behaviors and hold your ground with that treat in your hand. At the beginning it is just a waiting game, so be patient.

Your dog might occasionally pounce at the treat that is in your hand but do not let him have it. Keep it In front of him throughout this whole training session.

Eventually your dog will start to get frustrated and become desperate. So what do dogs do when they become desperate for something? They bark! Since your dog is not sure what you want he might not full out bark right away. BE PATIENT! The first time he might let out a very faint whimper or a low cry or a slight growl. No matter what it is, if he makes some sort of sound reward him right away. Give him the treat and praise him. This is not the bark that you are looking for but this will help get your dog to understand what you want from him. Let your dog know that he's on the right track.

Do not take breaks when you get to this point in the training session. You can teach your dog this whole command in one day, so be patient. Keep repeating this process. Each and every time your dog will make a louder and louder noise.  Keep the progress going.

After a few successful growls, or whimpers you're going to want to wait on the rewarding. So when you're waving the treat out in front of your dog and he starts to lightly growl do not give him the treat. You want him to produce a sound that is louder than his initial whimper. When he gives you a louder more impactful sound then you can reward him.

**Refrain from saying the "speak" command until he gives you a growl or bark that actually resembles or is close to the bark that you want from him.

**Each time he gives you a bark or a sound that was louder than the last one then give him a big dose of the treat. Give him more than usual so he knows that he is on the right track.

Eventually your dog will begin to actually bark! This is where you have to seize the opportunity!  This is the moment that you've been waiting for! Timing is everything here. This is when you want to start implementing the command "speak."

So, repeat the exercise and right when your dog barks say speak as he is barking. Remember to keep rewarding him with the treat so that he stays motivated. Keep repeating this process for a few minutes.

Next, see how far along your dog is. Remove the treat from his range of vision. Say "speak!" When he barks, give him the treat and praise him! He might revert to the old whimper or growls that he started with but that is totally okay because you changed the game and added a challenge. You're dog will adjust.

Now, every time you say "speak" only reward and praise your dog for producing the bark that you want. Repeat this step over and over. Remember that patience is key with teaching your dog a new command, but stay at it and he will learn in no time!

Now that your dog has learned the "speak" command he might start barking constantly when he wants a treat. This is when you come in and teach your dog to only speak when you ask him to.

**Make sure that you only reward your dog for barking when you ask him to.

This is the next phase to this training. You're going to hold the treat out in front of your dog, and he will definitely start barking. This is what you just spent the last 30 minutes teaching him so of course he's going to be barking for the treat. As he is barking do not reward him! You did not say speak so he is breaking the rules that you are setting. So as he is barking say no and move the treat further away from him. You're saying now that something that he is doing is wrong and making the treat go away. As you say no and remove the treat from his space he will have a moment of silence. This is when you execute and say "Quiet," and reward your dog for being quiet.

Now lets build on this new word , "Quiet." Say "Speak," and when your dog barks reward him, then say "Quiet," don't give him a chance to bark and reward him right away. Capture the behavior while your dog is being quiet. Your goal here is to get a good "speak" and a good "quiet."

What you're really doing here is you're polishing your communication with your dog.

Keep reinforcing the behavior that you want and eventually your dog will be a pro! Teaching your dog to bark and to stop barking is a skill that every dog owner should teach their dog.