How To Clicker Train Your Dog! The Fastest Way To Teach Your Dog To Be Awsome!

"What is a Clicker?" you might be asking yourself. A clicker is really just a small handheld plastic object that makes a loud identifiable sound when you squeeze or press it. When training a new behavior, the clicker helps the animal to quickly identify the precise behavior that results in the treat. The technique is popular with dog trainers, but can be used for all kinds of domestic and wild animals and even small children.

Why you should use a clicker. First of all, clickers are insanely cheap. They are only about a dollar or two. Here's a link to cheap Dog Clickers on Amazon. Second, they are so precise that training your dog becomes tremendously easier. The clicker allows you to reward your dog the second that he does the right thing. In the dog world this is extremely important, especially if you want to build a strong communication system with your dog. For example, let's say you are teaching your dog the basic "sit" command. The instance your dog's but touches the floor you can use the clicker to get him to connect the dots a lot faster. You cant give him a treat as soon as his but touches the floor quite as fast as you can click a button. The split seconds do matter.

It's your job as the dog owner to condition your dog to understand that, the clicking sound from the clicker means- Good dog, I like what you did! You win a prize!

The advantage of the clicker is that it is an artificial sound, so it really captures your dog's attention a lot better, and it gives you as the human being a button in your hand to press the moment that your dog does what you want him to do.

Conditioning your dog to the clicker is super easy and probably takes less than a minute to do. Here's what you're going to do...

  1. Grab some doggy treats, chicken, or dog kibble
  2. Have the clicker ready in one of your hands
  3. Have your dog near you of course
  4. Click the clicker and immediately after having clicked the clicker, give your dog a treat
  5. repeat this process several times

During this first step you simply want your dog to understand that a treat comes after the clicking sound. Don't ask them to do anything during this phase. Simply click and treat.

After having repeated this multiple times, congratulations! It really will not take long for your dog to grasp what the clicking sound means. Now that your dog is "clicker trained" you can begin teaching him a variety of tricks and commands. The clicker is used every time your dog does what you want him to do. The clicker will make training your dog insanely faster and easier, but no, this does not mean that you have to use it every time you are having a training session.

Enjoy using your clicker to train your pup and watch to see how fast your dog becomes responsive and attentive to your new training tool!