Teach Your Pup To Stop Biting

Puppies like to bite for a number of reasons. The two most obvious reasons are that puppies are teething and they are interacting with the world. Puppies teeth grow rapidly and so they are at a constant state of discomfort, therefore they like to nip and bite things to ease that discomfort. Puppies also bite because that's their way of interacting with the world. Dogs don't have hands to grab and feel things so they use their teeth. The objective is to teach your dog what is okay to bite and when it is okay to play bite. 

Puppies play with their teeth and this is very natural to them. This can even be seen as cute at first, but as they get older and their teeth start to grow, the habit of biting can get harmful and become very dangerous. 

First, you might want to train your dog to decrease the amount of pressure of his bite. Start by allowing him to nibble on your hands. Every time he bites you too hard yell "Ouch!" to startle your puppy. Continue this exercise and speak up every time he bites too hard, so that he may determine the threshold for what is acceptable and what is not. 

**Exaggerate while playing. If they bit you too hard yell "ouch!" retract your hand, immediately stop playing, and walk away. This replicates what another littermate would do if he were to cause them pain. 

The next step would be to redirect the biting onto something that is acceptable for them to bite such as a toy, a chew bone, or stick. Every time your pup is biting something he shouldn't give him a firm "No!" and replace it with something that he is allowed to chew on. 

A good game to play that would seriously help stop that unwanted biting behavior would be tug of war. A correct game of tug of war, teaches your dog the patience to leave something that they want. It teaches them that you decide when it is okay to bite something, and it also teaches them that you decide when they are to stop playing with or biting something. Tomorrow's blog post will be tailored to exactly that. Tomorrow we will be learning the sacred art of tug of war, so stay tuned for that.

Remember...the great qualities of being patient, persistent, and repetitive are adjacently important to accomplishing anything significant.