Teach Your Dog To Shake

Here's a list of what you might need in order to achieve this goal.

  • You will definitely need a whole lot of patience. It won't be easy in the beginning but do not get frustrated. You will see a lot of progress within the first three days of doing this exercise. 
  • You will also need to use some treats that really motivate your dog in the beginning. Choose treats that do not take very long to chew. Try some pulled chicken or liver treats (train when your pup is hungry).
  • You will need to practice this exercise for about five to ten minutes a day. 
  • Most importantly you will need a lot of repetition. 

Here's what you do...

  1. Have your dog sit (assuming that he already knows this command)
  2. Show the dog the treat in one of your hands, then close your hand making a fist over the treat
  3. Hold the treat in your closed fist to his foot about two inches off the ground
  4. If your dog gets up, ask them to sit again
  5. If your dog lifts his paw even a little or even shifts weight to his other paw, immediately praise him and give him the treat (timing is everything here)
  6. Most dogs will bat at your hand with their paw to get to the treat so as soon as that happens make sure that you praise them and give them a treat
  7. At the same time your other hand should be held out flat to shake when your dog lifts his paw, so you can grab his paw while he takes the treat
  8. Reward him immediately when he does the right thing
  9. When he is reliably lifting his paw for a treat add the command "shake"
  10. Gradually phase out the treats

Always end on a positive note, if you are getting frustrated and your dog isn’t getting it, go back to a trick he does know and reward him for that.